How do you learn on the MChiro?

The programme content and structure are designed to give you clinical experience from the beginning, through exposure to case studies and patient observations. The units are integrated which means that instead of learning each subject, like anatomy, physiology, immunology, or orthopaedics separately, subjects are combined and taught with a strong emphasis on clinical relevance. We encourage students to spend as much time as they can observing patient treatments in the teaching clinic.

students learn at the aecc

We use a blend of teaching and learning strategies.  Self-directed learning, directed learning and the e-learning materials on our bespoke virtual learning environment will support your learning in more traditional lectures, practical classes, tutorials, laboratory sessions and clinical observations. During the practical classes you will practice your diagnostic and therapeutic skills under guidance and supervision from our clinical faculty.
Prior to entering the clinic, (years 0, 1, 2 and part of year 3), you will spend approximately 20 hours each week in lectures, tutorials, practical classes and laboratory classes. Most students spend about another 20 hours per week on self-directed and directed learning.
In the final year of the programme, you will spend around 20 hours per week on patient management within our supervised teaching clinic, approximately 10 hours per week in lectures, tutorials and practical skills classes and another 10 hours per week on directed and self-directed learning.

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic