Course Content: MChiro

aecc studentsWithin this page you will find information about the structure of the MChiro (in the programme specification) and about each year of the course

Programme Specification

The Programme Specification for the MChiro is the definitive document for the programme*, and will provide you with information on the aims and intended learning outcomes of the programme, and an outline of curriculum content, assessment methods, and learning and teaching methods.

*Now we have our own taught degree awarding powers we are in the process of approving all our existing programmes as our own awards. When the programme is approved as our award the format of the programme specification will change, but the aims, learning outcomes and programme content will not. As and when the programme is approved the programme specification will be made available from this webpage.

Information about each year of the course

 Unit Breakdown

Year 0 (Foundation year) Units

  • Human biology & physiology I
  • Human biology & physiology II
  • Introduction to chiropractic
  • Clinical problem solving
  • Transferable skills
  • Health concepts I

More information on unit content in Year 0

 Year 1 Units

  • Clinical management I
  • Case-based learning I
  • Health concepts II
  • Human function & dysfunction I
  • Human structure I
  • Human structure II

More information on unit content in Year 1

 Year 2 Units

  • Clinical management II
  • Case-based learning II
  • Clinical research methods
  • Diagnosis I
  • Human function & dysfunction II
  • Human structure III

More information on unit content in Year 2

 Year 3 Units

  • Clinical management III
  • Clinical imaging
  • Diagnosis II
  • Diagnosis III
  • Research project
  • Clinical internship I

Students completing year 3 will also need to successfully complete the Clinic Entrance Qualifying Examination in order to progress into the final year of the programme.

More information on unit content in Year 3

Year 4 Units

  • Clinical internship II
  • Marketing & small business management
  • Professional & ethical practice
  • Research informed practice 

More information on unit content in Year 4



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