Introduction to college computer facilities

The college operates a Windows 7 network, with around 130 computers available for student use in Learning Services, Cavendish House and the Clinic.

You will each be assigned an individual login. We urge you to change your password as soon as possible to ensure the privacy of your account. Passwords are case sensitive and should be a mixture of letters and numbers to remain secure, i.e. Ch1r0prat1c78

You will not be able to save to the local hard disks of the machine. Instead, you are allocated personal storage space on the data server. This is accessed through the My Documents folder on the H: drive. You will also have access to shared network drives where staff will place lecture notes and other materials.

We encourage you to keep backup copies of your work and recommend you purchase a USB memory stick or portable hard disk drive.


You can access your email using Microsoft Outlook on any college computer or via the webmail link on the VLE or on your smartphone or tablet (please contact the IT department for the appropriate settings).     

You will be prompted to enter your username and password, which is the same as your network login details. Please check your email regularly as this will be used to convey any important IT announcements and generic college announcements. There is a limit on the size of all users’ mailboxes, and you will be given ample warnings if you reach your maximum limit.

Please use the internet and email responsibly.  Interent usage is logged and malicious use can be traced to individuals.


Modern mono and colour laser printers are available for Student use. Students can purchase print credits from the Learning Services department.

Opening Internet Explorer on a college computer will take you directly to the AECC VLE home page .  This contains links to the Learning Services website and other online resources.



External Access

You can access the Intranet and your email and network drives externally to the college by entering into your web browser. You will be required to enter your username and password.


The college has a modern wireless network covering most of the campus. You can use the College portal to access your email and your work files from the wireless network. When connecting to the ‘AECCWIFI’ network you will be required to enter your regular college username and password.

Help & Assistance

Help leaflets and a selection of computer related books are available from the Learning Services department. If you require IT assistance please contact us on extension 386 or email Alternatively feel free to come and see us. We can be found in room 103 on the first floor of the main college building.

If you are planning to buy your own computer we recommend that you buy a Windows computer to ensure of maximum compatibility with college systems.

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