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Sport at the AECC

Sports at the College and the gym itself are run and overseen by a committee of students, and also by the individual club heads.

students train in the AECC gym

See a full list of the sports clubs available at the AECC.

The Sports Committee consists of six individuals across the years that aim to represent the sporting needs of the College and help provide the best possible sporting services to the students, whether it is choosing equipment for the gym or just general maintenance.

All communications regarding existing clubs at the college will circulate via the communal email system, giving all students the chance to have a go and try something new.


This year has seen the arrival of some new clubs such as a mountain biking club and indoor floorball (a lot like ice hockey). It is very simple to start a new club; all that it requires is some willing participants and an individual that is willing to coordinate the group. Here is a list of the clubs currently on offer at the AECC:


The Basketball Club meets to practice in the AECC gym. It’s open to everybody in college, male or female. There are no extra fees, apart from having paid the gym membership. The club has no fixed structure in terms of training or matches; it is more about getting together and having fun with those who love basketball.


Here at the AECC we have our own climbing/bouldering wall. The wall is short with a padded landing zone and so rope and harness is not required. However, a part of the wall has recently been made steeper so a short climb now packs a lot in.

If you are a devoted climber or a beginner and you think flat Dorset is not ideal for climbing; think again. A little over an hour drive brings you to Portland, England's biggest sport climbing venue. Alternatively, the Swanage sea cliffs offer a variety of sport and traditional climbing, and can be accessed within an hour's drive from campus.


Bournemouth University and the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Football team pose for team photoChiropractic F.C. train every Wednesday afternoon and recently started training on Mondays at Bournemouth University's pitch playing 5-a-side. We are always looking for players.

Football – Girls

The girls’ football team at the AECC was started in 2008. As the team is relatively new we are not playing in any leagues at present, but hope to play some  friendly matches against other clubs in the area in the next season.

Our slogan is: FUN, FITNESS AND FELLOWSHIP! It means that everyone can join, no matter if they’ve played for years or if they’ve never touched a football. For more information about the club please contact:



Welcome to the 'Back Nine' Golf Society. We play at Canford Magna, which is a short drive away. There are two courses there with excellent facilities. So if you fancy a swing, come and join us!



Handball is a team sport very similar to football; the only difference is that you use your hands. Two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball to throw it into the goal of the opposing team. The team with the most goals after two periods of 30 minutes wins.


AECC girls hockey team 

Indoor/Roller Hockey

If you are keen to play hockey, then sign up with us at induction and enrolment. We organise games  in the Hall in the evenings and sometimes at the weekends. 

Ski/Snowboard Club

We aim to organise trips for our students, usually one in December and one near to Easter. All abilities welcome. 
man skiing down a hill
It's dirt cheap  and good clean fun! Friends and relatives are more than welcome to join us!

For further information on this and other trips, please contact the Students' Union.


Table Tennis

Table tennis, colloquially known as ping-pong, is very popular in East Asia and is the most popular sport in the world in terms of player numbers, as well as one of the newest of the major sports. The table tennis club at the AECC was founded recently in 2006 and has great potential to grow. There are two tables to play and train on.

Exercise Classes

The gym is also used on a regular basis for aerobics, step aerobics, spinning, circuit training, metafit and back to basics. These are all led by current students.
weights at the AECC student gym

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