Societies at the AECC

Clubs and Societies are a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Students can sign up to become a member of a club or society during induction and enrolment in September. If you wish to run or start up your own club/society, then please speak to someone in the Students' Union or someone from the respective club/society.

students from society out at a social


The following is a list of clubs and societies currently running at the College:

Christian Union

The Christian Union is a group of Christians from all sorts of churches who meet together at college to chat, eat, discuss and encourage each other. The club meets fortnightly, and also joins together occasionally with Bournemouth CU to get visiting speakers into college. Absolutely anybody is welcome to join, whatever your background!

Please contact for more information.

Technique Club

The Technique Club is held every Monday at 7pm in TR2. Students from all years are welcome.

Insight Club

The Insight Club arranges for speakers to attend the college to give lectures on specific areas of chiropractic and setting up chiropractic businesses.

LGBT Society

The LGBT is an organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gendered individuals. It was created in the college so that people who know someone or are themselves lesbian, gay or bisexual have a contact person that they can get in touch with and discuss any issues that they may have with their own or someone else’s sexuality.

The LGBT Club meets whenever something is organised together with Bournemouth University. The club generally tries to get together about once or twice a month for an evening. The turnout has usually been quite good with 30-50 people attending the meetings, and it gives people a good opportunity to meet and talk to like-minded individuals.

Past events have been a Quasar night out, a freshers' night out and student party nights, usually on a Monday night. There are drinks offers at student rates on showing your student card, reduced admission rates and generally loads of laughs and just plain good fun.

There is also an Intranet site folder labelled LGBT which has information that people can access at home for extra privacy.

Norwegian Society

We have a large number of Norwegian students at AECC who get together to celebrate the Norwegian constitution and organise events such as the Hedensk Viking Party, Yulebord and Russefest.

Swedish Society

The Swedish Society was formed so that Swedish students are able to get to know each other and provide support if needed, and also to organise social events and keep in contact with LKR (Swedish Chiropractic Association).

WCCS (World Congress of Chiropractic Students)

The WCCS is an international forum in which students of chiropractic worldwide discuss issues pertinent to the profession. An annual congress is held at which delegations from each member college debate proposals to be enacted (if passed) throughout the following year. The 2014 congress was held in Spain and the students who attended were partially funded through fundraising events and through generous donations from the SU and the College.  The WCCS club meet every Tuesday at 6pm in Toggler’s Arms.

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