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Objective Spinal Motion Imaging Assessment

A major area of research in the Institute is the problem of measuring inter-vertebral mechanics in living subjects in order to understand better how common chronic spinal pain syndromes and biomechanics relate. The current methods of researching the association between mechanics and pain have relied heavily on studies of cadaveric spines in which restraining tissues are damaged and the biomechanical effects measured. The OSMIA project has had the aim of making these measurements possible in living subjects.

This has been done using digital fluoroscopy and image processing to give continuous inter-vertebral motion data as the person bends, either actively or passively. The video shows how images are acquired and how image processing is used to track them through a large series of images.

The results are shown as a series of graphs of the changing angles between the vertebrae, which appear as motion phenotypes that are both reproducible and characteristic of the patterns of restraint in that individual person and level.




The Institute has worked to develop this technology and interpret the meaning of its output over many years, culminating in a grant by the NHS R&D’s New and Emerging Applications of Technology programme (NEAT) 1-22

In February, 2009, the College purchased a new portable C-Arm Fluoroscope to enable this research to be conducted on site. Three staff members, a chiropractor/bioengineer, a research radiographer, who is a PhD student, and a medical physicist are currently engaged on the OSMIA projects. These are supported by two staff radiographers. A second post-graduate is planned to begin doctoral level work next year.

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