Disc degeneration and spinal motion in healthy volunteers

This is a small scale feasibility study funded by the Radiological Research Trust.  It aims to test the research methods and processes of recruiting and undertaking quantitative fluoroscopy and MRI in both recumbent and weight-bearing postures.

This study will lead to a larger scale study that will assess the relationship between disc degeneration and biomechanics in people with and without back pain. The need for such a study is because disc degeneration is thought to be a cause of low back pain, but the evidence is not conclusive and there is little research to link this to spinal motion when disc degeneration is present.

This study is currently recruiting participants aged between 50 and 70 years of age who have NOT suffered from activity limiting low back pain in the previous year. Full participant information is here (QF & MRI study participant information )

The study involves one 30 minute visit to the AECC clinic to undergo fluoroscopy (moving video x-rays) whilst you bend forwards and backwards (click here for the Quantitative fluorosopy demonstration). Depending on the results of this you may be invited back for an hours' visit to undergo both lying and sitting MRI of your spine in our new state of the art open upright scanner (click here to view our webpage for the Open Upright MRI scanner).

If you are interested in knowing more, or even participating please fill in the Pre-study form and return to Alan Breen.


(Email: imrci.abreen@aecc.ac.uk ) 
















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