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Bournemouth Questionnaire

The Bournemouth Questionnaire

As part of clinical practice, it is imperative that outcomes are assessed, not only to provide information to the clinician but also to the patient. It is now generally accepted that the focus of documenting outcomes should be placed on those reported by the patient rather than clinical measures that may have little relevance to the patient in his daily life. Because non-specific musculoskeletal conditions are multi-factorial and affect individual patients in different ways, there is a need to measure several outcomes, and this can lead to burdensome and complex patient self-report questionnaires.

The Bournemouth Questionnaire (BQ) is a comprehensive multi-dimensional core outcome assessing the patients’ outcomes in the routine clinical setting. It consists of seven scales and has been validated in back and neck pain patients (see references on the third tab). Versions of the BQ have also been translated into Danish, Dutch, French and German. Clinicians are encouraged to use these outcome measures and the BQ is recommended for use in monitoring patient-reported health outcomes in the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) initiative launched by the Department of Health for back and neck pain patients.

The validated BQ 7 scale instrument can be downloaded here for the following conditions: back pain; neck pain and general musculoskeletal pain.




Patient Reported Outcome Measures

We have constructed a Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) questionnaire, which includes the BQ, for use in patients with a new episode of a non-specific musculoskeletal complaint at baseline. The post-treatment PROM should be used at the clinician’s discretion at stages during and after treatment to map outcomes. This also has some additional questions that provide useful information on the progress and experiences of the patient.

You can download a spreadsheet that shows how you can code data from the PROMs questionnaires and enter these on a database.

NHS North East Essex

A modified PROM, including the BQ, has been used to monitor outcomes in the back and neck pain service instigated by NHS North East Essex. Copies of the pre-treatment and post-treatment questionnaires can be found here.

Further details can be obtained from Professor Jennifer Bolton.

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