Our PhD Students

The AECC is in partnership with a number of Higher Education institutions and individuals to support our research activity at the post graduate level. In terms of research this takes the form of a number of PhDs that are jointly supervised and funded with through other institutions.

Students undertaking PhDs are registered at external universities but supervision of these students is shared between academics at the AECC and the registering universities.

A number of other current studies, mostly generated and guided by AECC academic faculty are also common features of the research activity at college.

A list of our current PhDs are appended below. Completed research PhDs are to be found in our PhD archive

Alex BreenA quantitative fluoroscopic study of the relationships between lumbar intervertebral and residual limb/socket kinematics in the coronal plane in adult male unilateral amputees

Michelle Holmes: Reconceptualising Patient-Reported Outcome Measures as Active Components of Complex Interventions

Sara Glithro: Potential relationships between self-rated health, body image, aspects of sensory perception and function in patients with chronic low back pain

Jonathan Field: Changes in catastrophisation and fear-avoidance beliefs in patients following an initial consultation with a chiropractor and their effect on rate of recovery and short term outcomes.

Alistair Du Rose: Normal biomechanics of the lumbar spine: A quantitative fluoroscopy and surface electromyography study

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