Research at the AECC

Research at the AECC

Research at the AECC is a dynamic and important activity and aims to contribute new knowledge in the areas of experimental, clinical and educational research mainly centred on our expertise in musculoskeletal health. 

Research activity 

Research activity is diverse across the AECC campus and involves both students at undergraduate and postgraduate level (including MSc and PhD programs in concert with external universities), teaching faculty and other research staff. We have an emphasis on collaborative work with other universities both nationally and internationally and publish peer-reviewed research in a range of international journals and regularly present at national and international conferences. 

Key AECC research staff

  Dr D Newell        Prof J Bolton          Prof A Breen  
  Dr D Newell   
  Director of Research
   Professor J Bolton
   Vice Principal of Research
   & Postgraduate Studies
   Professor A Breen
   Director of IMRCI











Pursuing innovation

We have pursued innovation in research over the years, producing internationally-recognised musculoskeletal patient reported outcome instruments (Bournemouth Questionnaire) and developing, with external commercial partners, the use of Quantitative Fluoroscopy (QF) as a clinical imaging tool.


Expertise in research

Expertise in research includes, but is not limited to, imaging (Upright MRIultrasound and QF), patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), assessment of movement and function, and clinical education.

In this section you can find this research in our biennial Research Report, and as lists of publications and poster presentations, which you can freely download or link to the original material.

Research as an evidence base is core to any healthcare profession and here at the AECC a central thread of our teaching includes instruction on the ability to search, understand, critically,evaluate and apply clinical research in practice.

We are also proud of our contribution to the generation of original research in the musculoskeletal and other fields much of which you can find on this site.  

Read The AECC Research Ethics Policy and Procedures.






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