SMS Study Management System

SMS Study Management System and English Language Assistance

students at the aecc using the sms study system

The AECC is pleased to announce that the SMS Study Management System is once more available to chiropractic students.
Chiropractic study demands wide-ranging commitments and it is relatively easy to lose your way in the confusion of course work, examinations and for some of you the associated problems of dealing with a foreign language.
In order to make the most of your studies and organise your available time in the most efficient way, SMS at the AECC introduces you to a practical hands-on study management method that will allow you to see the general picture of upcoming deadlines and prepare for these in the best possible way as well as teaching you to focus on more immediate weekly targets so you are not side-tracked into wasting time in inappropriate areas.
In addition to SMS the college also offers further English language help to those students who may be experiencing difficulties in using and adapting to the language and environment. Both SMS and language help sessions are offered on an individual basis and are free of charge to AECC students.



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