Language Support

Introduction to Language Supportinternational students can get support at the AECC

More and more health care specialists have specific academic and professional reasons for seeking to improve their English language skills - this could be for:

  • Professional development
  • Employment opportunities
  • or simply general interest  

Communication is the most basic principle to good medicine. If you do not speak the local language you can have a top medical degree but you will not necessarily be a successful doctor.

You may understand the terminology and be competent in discussions with colleagues but much of your time as a health professional will be spent talking to patients in situations where you need to be able to explain medical conditions and treatments in words they can understand.

At the AECC our effective language support course in medical English will help you to communicate with your patients in the following situations:

  • an undignified procedure
  • discuss sensitive issues with varying age groups
  • judge how appropriate a light hearted remark would be in a particular situation


What kind of support do you offer?
The AECC offers language support for students whose first language is not English as well as Study Skills and Study Planning. 

Where are you situated?
The language support office can be found immediately outside the entrance to the Room 7 Lecture Hall.

How often will I need to come to see you?
Most AECC students normally attend a one-hour individual session each week with the tutor.

How much does it cost?
Language Support, Study Skills and Study Planning assistance is offered free of charge by the college for all students on degree and Access courses.

How long does it last?
Support can last as long as individual students feel they can benefit from help. In the first instance students beginning their courses may feel they need a little extra help until they become more confident linguistically.

What kind of things will you cover?
Study Skills involves note-taking, summary and academic writing as well as presentations.
English grammar is presented by example and according to students’ requirements.
Study Planning is offered for any students who require help with time management. 


If you need support or would like to discuss further, please contact Rick Jones by email or call 01202 436356.


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