Advice & Support

The AECC can provide you with help and advice on any aspect of student life, via the students' union, NUS qualified representatives and our own staff members.

support available at the aecc

We can support with:

If you just need someone to talk to, the SU door is always open. The SU office is Room 117 in Cavendish House. It also provides student representation at disciplinary hearings and academic appeals panels. 

Financial Assistance

If you require any financial support the SU can advise you on the various funding available to students through:

  • scholarships
  • bursaries
  • student finance
  • and hardship funds.
Alternatively you can visit the AECC finance information page.

Language Support

Language support is available if English is not your first language. In addition to general help and support, there are workshops available with the chiropractic profession. For more information please email Rick Jones  or visit the AECC language support page.

Academic Assistance

The Students’ Union is here to support you throughout your studies at the AECC and is on hand to give advice on academic support services, including:

  • mitigating circumstances
  • exam complaints
  • re-sits
  • appeals
  • academic offences

as well as any general queries you may have about the course and its content.  There is student representation at all academic committee meetings as well as on any hearing or appeals panels ensuring the student voice is always represented.


The Students’ Union is affiliated with the NUS which not only means we have access to loads of great discounts with the NUS Extra card but we also have a qualified team on hand to support us with any issues we may face or initiatives we want to implement.  We have a designated NUS rep who provides training for the SU reps and who we can take any of your queries to.

Pastoral Care

The AECC recognises that not all issues will be about the course. The SU has an open door policy and welcome any visitors who want to pop in.  There are here to offer support, advice or a listening ear and also make a good cup of tea.

From September 2017 the AECC will be providing its own advice and support services for students, to replace those currently available from our validating body BU. More information will be provided here when the details are finalised. 

Donations & Sponsorships

The Students' Union can provide financial support towards worthy causes (especially promoting chiropractic). If you wish to get sponsorship or receive a donation, we require a written letter stating the reasons why, the amount requested, what it will be used for etc. This will then be discussed at the next meeting.

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