Postgraduate Studies at the AECC

At the AECC we offer a range of postgraduate opportunities which are suited to your needs. Delivered on a part-time basis, our flexible postgraduate courses will enable you to continue working as you gain further qualifications. Renowned as a global leader in musculoskeletal health care and medical imaging our state of the art facilities and unique approach will help you go further in your studies and ultimately your career path.   

Part-time PgCert, PgDip and MSc Programmes

The AECC offers the following programmes:

MSc Advanced Professional Practice (APP)
(with three programmes to develop advanced clinical and practical skills in specialised areas of practice)

MSc Medical Ultrasound

PgCert Professional Development (Chiropractic)

All MSc programmes are available with various exit qualifications. The first stage is the PgCert then, if you wish, you can carry on to the PgDip stage and the final stage is the MSc qualification. It typically takes one year to complete each stage. All programmes are part-time and start each October. 
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MSc Advanced Professional Practice (APP) 

*All first qualification recent graduates (2012-2017) will pay half price tuition fee in the first year for all MSc Advanced Professional Practice programmes: MSc APP (Clinical Sciences), MSc APP (Paediatric MSK Health and MSc APP (Functional MSK Health).  Tuition will revert to the standard fees in subsequent years.


1. MSc APP - Clinical Sciences

MSc-APP-Clinical-Sciences-imageAttain the skills and attitudes of CPD in clinical practice, utilising experiential learning and reflective practice. This is a generic programme suitable for all healthcare professionals. The main learning environment is the student's own professional practice and attendance requirements are consequently minimal.
Find out more about the  MSc APP (Clinical Sciences) programme. 



2. MSc APP - Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health

MSc-APP-Paediatric-Musculoskeletal-Health-imageThis programme is open to all healthcare professionals with an interest in health in the paediatric population, epidemiology including risk factors, and public health issues including nutrition and physical activity.
Find out more about the MSc APP (Paediatric MSK Health) programme.



3. MSc APP - Functional Musculoskeletal Health

This is a part-time programme that will allow students access to advanced knowledge and exposure to the latest research within the functional musculoskeletal health care profession. This course is an essential for professionals planning to work within this speciality.
Find out more about the MSc APP (Functional Musculoskeletal Health) programme. 


MSc Medical Ultrasound

MSc-Medical-Ultrasound-imageAccredited by The Consortium for Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE)

The programme develops advanced clinical and practical skills in areas of ultrasound practice. Areas of study include Musculoskeletal Upper Limb Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal Lower Limb Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal Hip/Groin Ultrasound, Gynaecology Ultrasound, Obstetrics Ultrasound, General Ultrasound and Negotiated Ultrasound Skills.

Find out more about the MSc Medical Ultrasound programme.



PgCert Professional Development (Chiropractic)

PgCert-Professional-Development-Chiropractic-imageThis programme has been designed for chiropractors who are just starting out in their career. It has been created to enable newly qualified chiropractors to apply the learning achieved on a Graduate Education Programme or PRTS programme to achieve a postgraduate certificate. This programme is also suitable to newly qualified chiropractors returning to a country that does not offer a Graduate Education Programme.
Course duration: Typically one year.
Find out more about the PgCert Professional Development (Chiropractic) programme.

You may also be interested in a Professional Doctorate programme in Chiropractic. There is one offered at the University of Portsmouth.

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