Integrating PRI, FMS & Functional Training into Rehab

Date: 20-21 May 2017

Presented By: Robert George, DC

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Integrating PRI, FMS  & Functional Training into Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Practice
What you will cover:
  • Introduction with principles of FMS and lecture to describe testing.  Seven basic tests are described starting with 1. Overhead Squat 2. Hurdle Step 3. Inline Lunge 4. Shoulder Mobility 5. Active Straight Leg Raise 6. Rotary Stability 7. Trunk Stability Push-up
  • The meaning of each test is discussed and the rational and application of the FMS in athletics and as a discharge criteria tool.
  • Practice how to screen using the FMS.  Correctives are discussed and rational given for corrective strategy. 
  • Introduction to Principles of PRI:  Overview if the
  • Anterior Interior Chain (AIC), Brachial Chain (BC), and Zone of Apposition (ZOA).  
  • Faulty Postural Influences Related to Postural Respiration.  Discussion of relationship between ribcage and pelvis, diaphragm and neurology


  • Questions and answers from day before. Introduction to PRI assessment:  Adduction drop test (Modified Ober’s), passive straight leg raise, trunk rotation test, apical expansion test, humeral-glenoid internal rotation test, horizontal abduction of humerus.  Introduction to PRI corrective strategies for providing a “neutral” pelvis and ribcage.
  • Lab:  Practice PRI assessment as mentioned above and corrective strategies.
  • Introduction to hip-hinge, dead-lift, and Turkish Get-up.  The hip-hinge will be performed by all that are able and after description lab will occur.
  • Recap of weekend with questions and answers.  More demonstration especially of PRI principles will be needed as most of the questions will go to this very important topic.  Lab will also be included to help use assessment and treatment tools Monday Morning.

16 CPD Hours

Registration: Saturday 08:45

Saturday 09:00—18:00

Sunday 09:00—18:00

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