AECC scholarly achievements

We have recently celebrated the achievements of several of our talented and dedicated staff. Firstly Alister du Rose, chiropractic researcher in IMRCI and Alex Breen, medical physicist in IMRCI who both successfully defended their MPhil transition reports at BU’s School of Design, Engineering and Computing. Alister is now clear to complete his PhD on the relationships between lumbar inter-vertebral motion and the local muscle activity using OSMIA and surface electromyography. Alex will progress and finalise his doctoral studies on back pain in lower limb amputees using OSMIA to research how the mechanics of the lumbar spine and the interface between the residual limb and the prosthesis relate to each other. Well done both!

We are also thrilled to congratulate Dr Joyce Miller who was recently awarded her PhD degree. Joyce undertook a PhD by Publication at Bournemouth University - the title of her thesis is: ‘Effects of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction in Excessive Crying Syndromes of Infancy’.

As a brief summary of her work, Joyce writes: ‘This thesis was an investigation into the biomechanical aspects of the common pain syndromes of infancy, the

most well-known being infant colic. The contribution of musculoskeletal maladaptations to the ill-health of infants has been poorly studied and it remains a common and costly problem without any known aetiology or management. The goal of this thesis was to begin to fill those gaps through a substantial literature review along with eight research studies. The primary aim was to investigate infant excessive crying pain syndromes and to determine any relevance of chiropractic manual therapy in the management.’ Well done Joyce on your achievement.

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic