AECC Student Testimonials



Dinaz Sulemanji:
“I choose the AECC because it’s the oldest chiropractic college in Europe, and very well known. I'm happy to be here as we have excellent facilities available to us, and get a good knowledge base to start our career with. It was important to me to come out with a degree which was going to be accepted everywhere. I love the atmosphere in the college as it is relatively small and multi-cultural; it's a great way to get to know people from different places and make life-long friends. Being a small college is good because it's a really friendly environment and you get to know almost everyone. My experience is also that people help each other a lot, whether its college related or not. There is a great social life and lots of sports clubs here at college, so there is definitely something for everyone!
Chiropractic is a fantastic, challenging and exciting profession and there is definitely a demand for this all over the world. It's rewarding as you are helping people get back to health everyday and increasing their quality of life.”
Federico Tiso:
“I think that the relationship between tutors and students at AECC is fantastic, as they appear to be truly interested in getting the students to learn rather than simply preparing them to pass exams. This results in tutors calling the students with their name, as they actually know them, and being able to provide support to foreign students experiencing some difficulties with language.”
Cathi Telle:
“Chiropractic to me is lifelong learning, as it gives you the possibility to treat a variety of different patients with different complaints.
The AECC was my choice for many reasons, including the size of the college and great student environment, but above all, I wanted to study for a degree that gives a comprehensive learning experience. Studying at the AECC with people of different nationalities and a different background made me also learn lot about myself.”

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic