Health Driven

Health Driven

A global reputation as a leader in chiropractic healthcare

The college and its graduates are driven by a desire to provide the best possible healthcare - locally and globally. The AECC Clinic is a leading teaching facility on campus that is one of the busiest chiropractic clinics in Europe housing truly state-of-the-art facilities. The AECC has also recently worked closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on important healthcare research.


Future Driven

GPs at the AECCChiropractors and GPs working together

GPs from Wessex Deanery have recently visited the AECC to learn about what chiropractic is and how it can be useful for their patients. We've been running the scheme for several years now which always proves beneficial. The GPs were able to experience a vast amount of high quality learning – including viewing the exercise centre and being shown various pieces of equipment and how they would be of therapeutic benefit, they learn additional examination skills, and have a demonstration of a manipulation.

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Only scanner of its kind in south of England

As one of only five of its kind in the country, the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI scanner at the AECC Clinic revolutionises the way patients are scanned.

Because it is open and upright, the cutting-edge scanner has benefits for a variety of patients – people who feel claustrophobic; people who need to be scanned upright or in a specific position; and conventional scanning for anyone from the general public through to elite athletes.

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Available Courses 

Course available for clearing applications - mchiroMasters in Chiropractic (MChiro)

One of the foundations of the AECC's success has been the excellence of its five-year chiropractic programme, and this remains at the heart of what the AECC does.

To qualify as a chiropractor, new students are required to complete successfully the full-time five-year Masters in Chiropractic degree.

Find out more about the MChiro course content, how the programme is structured and how you can apply to study here.

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