Talk to potential chiropractors

We are always looking to hear from chiropractors and alumni. If you are interested in opening up your clinic for observations or would like to talk to young people about chiropractic please let us know.

chiropractor talking to room of students

Speak at a careers event

The college visits many events around the college as part of its student recruitment each year. If you are interested in speaking to schools or attending a recruitment event to discuss chiropractic, we would love to hear from you.

Offer clinical observations 

Students wishing to apply for a degree in chiropractic must have a reference from a practising chiropractor. If you would like to offer observational opportunities to potential young chiropractors, please let the AECC Liaison Officer know.

We are grateful for all the offered help from chiropractors in the community and seek to reward supporters.

Alternatively you can message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic