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The AECC has long been a pioneer in chiropractic education and we are delighted to announce the next exciting project in our quest to deliver renownedMROpen MRI scanner clinical training, services and research;  a brand new open upright MRI.
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Why MRI?

MRI is becoming more readily available and less expensive, and patients are increasingly bringing scans for their chiropractor to see. The AECC has therefore decided to establish a MRI scanner facility on campus, and this will be annexed to our teaching clinic. 

Why open and upright scanning?

Rather than getting a conventional scanner, we have opted for the next generation of open magnets in order to be able to scan the patient both lying down and upright (standing or sitting) and under mechanical load.  This allows the assessment of both pathology and mechanics, something which is especially important in relation to nerve root pain.
Together with OSMIA, which is mainly used to investigate spinal instabilities, open and upright MRI will give the most complete imaging package for spine mechanical diagnosis available anywhere.

Training and referral

In order to make our graduates more complete practitioners, training in the interpretation and use of MRI will be gradually introduced into the undergraduate chiropractic programme.
We have already begun to offer specific CPD for the profession in the form of MRI awareness courses, so that colleagues can further improve their knowledge and skills when referring for or interpreting MRI scans.
Colleagues will be able to refer their patients for a scan and a specialist musculoskeletal radiologist report at very competitive rates, with rapid patient access and a quick radiologist’s report turnaround guaranteed. More information will appear on the Open Upright MRI website over the next few months.

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