AECC Alumni

Who are we?

The AECC Alumni provides our graduates the opportunity to enhance the development of the chiropractic profession and the AECC.

The assocation was founded in 1977 by Gilbert Méal, Michael Copland-Griffiths, Philippe Druart and Jan Blankenstein as the Graduate Association.

The association helps to support college and clinic facilities as well as fostering a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among the graduates, students and friends of the AECC. 

The Graduate Association has now merged into the AECC Alumni. All AECC graduates are members of our alumni.


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We are also pleased to announce the founding of a new organisation, the British Society for the History of Chiropractic (BSHC).

Membership is open to those who support the aims of the Society, chiropractors and non-chiropractors alike.


Anglo-European College of Chiropractic