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People at the AECC (A-D)

DavDavid Charles Allenid Charles Allen BSc, MSc, DC

Dave’s initial degree was in Medical Sciences, Bradford University and he worked in research for a few years before joining the AECC. He qualified as a Chiropractor in 1987 and practices locally. Since 2003 he has been dividing his time between private practice and teaching in the final clinical year at AECC. In 2009 he enrolled on the Royal College of Radiologists MSK diagnostic ultrasound course. On completion he began the MSc Ultrasound (MSK) at AECC/Bournemouth University, graduating in 2012.Dave’s thesis project utilised ultrasound to investigate the accuracy of acupuncture needle placement.



Derek Allen BSc (Hons), DC

Clinical Tutor



Joanne AndrewsJoanne Andrews BSc (Hons), PGCE, FHEA

Joanne graduated in 1992 from the University of Southampton with an Honours Degree in Physiology. She has been employed at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic since 1994, and during that time has gained considerable experience in the supervision and teaching of undergraduate Biochemistry, Chemistry, Histology and Physiology laboratory classes. In 2009, Joanne was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She currently teaches Biochemistry and Physiology on Year 1 of the BSc Human Sciences/MSc Chiropractic course, and is also Year Tutor for the first year of this course. Furthermore, Joanne also delivers two units on the newly devised Access Course. Her research interests include equine related chiropractic therapy.



Micah AtkinsonMicah Atkinson DC, M.Tech:Chiro

Micah is a lecturer in Chiropractic Sciences and teaches the soft tissue and myofascial components for Diagnosis and Clinical Management in year one. He backs up in Myofascial in Years 2 and 3 and in Adjustive Technique. Micah is also a lecturer on the Exercise Science program and is Unit Lead for the Clinical Syndromes and Musculoskeletal Injuries units. Micah is currently undertaking a CPD diploma in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and looking to begin a postgraduate certificate in medical education from the University of Dundee in September. Research interests include sports injuries, rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury and sport performance benefits from chiropractic.



 Jeff BagustJeff Bagust, BSc, PhD. Emeritus Professor of Experimental Research

Jeff obtained his BSc in Physiology in 1968 and his PhD in Neuromuscular Physiology in 1972, both from Bristol University. After a brief spell in the pharmaceutical industry Jeff joined the department of Physiology and Biochemistry at Southampton University where he taught physiology to science, medical and paramedical students. At Southampton Jeff conducted research into the neurophysiology of the spinal cord and pain, supervising over 30 postgraduate students to completion of their PhD’s. In 1998 Jeff joined the academic staff of the AECC, teaching physiology, and conducting experimental research. In the course of his career Jeff has published more than 70 full papers in peer reviewed journals. Since retiring in 2010 Jeff has continued to support research projects at the AECC as Emeritus Professor. He also holds Visiting Researcher status at Bournemouth and Southampton Universities and participates in the public engagement of science by giving talks and demonstrations to schools and other organisations.



 AnAngelo Battistongelo Battiston,  BSc, DC, MSc(Sports and Rehabilitation), PG Cert (Med.Ed.), ICSSD,  FEAC, CCEP, FHEA 

Clinical Tutor / Programme Leader MSc (Sports & Rehabilitation)

Angelo is currently undertaking research into a feasibility study for spinal pelvic stabilising orthotics in the well population as part of a team sponsored by Foot Levelers Inc. He is establishing a series of CPD seminars involving a uniquely developed Upper Cervical Specific approach to patient care and also a series of CPD seminars involving a uniquely developed Table Assisted approach to patient care. Angelo is establishing a series of CPD seminars involving the Chiropractic Management of the Adolescent Population. Units taught: Adjustive Techniques, Myofacial Techniques, Diagnosis.




Jonathan Branney

PhD Research Fellow



 Alan Breen DC, PhD

Dr. Alan Breen, one of the chiropractic profession’s most distinguished researchers, is Professor of Musculoskeletal Health Care at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Director of AECC’s Institute for Musculoskeletal Research and Clinical Implementation, and has for many years been a member of the WFC’s Research Council. His career has been transatlantic. He is a 1967 graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, originates from Scotland, and holds a PhD in bioengineering from Southampton University in the UK. His research is divided between the study of spine kinematics in health and disease and clinical outcomes in musculoskeletal problems, including the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines.



Alexander Breen BSc (Hons), MSc 

Medical Physicist



Ian Brown BSc, MEd PhD 

Principal Lecturer(Physiology)



 Maria Browning BSc (Chiro), MSc (Chiro Paeds), CertMEdMaria Browning

Maria has graduated from the AECC in 1991 and has a special interest in chiropractic care of the pregnant patient and the infant. In 2005 she obtained an MSc in Chiropractic Paediatrics. After 16 years in private practice she returned to the AECC in 2007 and teaches on both the undergraduate and postgraduate paediatric and clinical audit programs. She has published a randomised comparison trial on chiropractic treatment of infant colic and a review of diagnosis and clinical management of low back and pelvic girdle pain of pregnancy.



Neela Chauhan DCR (R) 




  Pat CollinsPat CollinsPat Collins BSc, RGN, PhD (Cantab) FHEA

Pat is Professor of Anatomy. She obtained her first degree from Surrey University and her PhD from Cambridge University. She was a Research Fellow of Newham College and taught for a number of colleges during her time in Cambridge. Pat moved to Southampton University Medical School in 1986 where she was involved in the curriculum design of medicine, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy programmes, and undertook teaching of anatomy, embryology and histology for these students. Since 1999 she has continued to teach these subjects at the AECC. Pat has been a part of the Editorial team of Gray's Anatomy since 1990 and is working now on the 41st edition.



  Aaron coodeAaron Coode BSc (Hons), MSc, DC

Aaron has taught full time at the college since 2004 and is currently a Clinical Tutor supervising final year students in the AECC Clinic teaching functional management to undergraduate students and working with patients in the Exercise and Performance Centre. His key areas of interest are gait & functional biomechanics of the lower limb, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and performance enhancement. He has taught these subjects national and internationally at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has worked with professional and international athletes from several sports including football, cycling and triathlon.



  Jonathan CookJonathan Cook BSc, DipHE, BSc Chiro, DC

Jonathan graduated from AECC in 1994 and worked in full-time practice in the U.K. and abroad, before returning to AECC in 1997 as a part-time lecturer. In the late 1990’s he developed as special interest in body-wide exercise rehabilitation of stable biomechanic function, which formed the core of his MSc in Advanced Professional Development. This particular aspect of his research, lecturing and practice led him to develop the Functional Management Units of the chiropractic curriculums, as well as helping to establish assessment and training protocols in the AECC Clinic’s exercise centre. As well as lecturing, Jonathan continues to practice chiropractic.



Jane Cook DC, DACBR, MSc

Senior Lecturer (Chiropractic Sciences)



David Davis BSc, DC

Lecturer (Chiropractic Sciences)




  Philip DewhurstPhilip Dewhurst BSc(HONS), MChiro, MSc, DC, PGCert, FCC 

Philip started at the AECC in 2008 with a focus on teaching anatomy. He is the unit leader for Human Structure 3 in the BSc Human Sciences programme and for Functional Anatomy in the BSc Exercise Science programme. He is also the programme coordinator for the BSc Community Health and Rehabilitation degree. In 2010 Philip completed an MSc in Clinical Sciences and is currently undertaking a postgraduate certificate in medical education from the University of Dundee. His research interests involve the teaching the anatomy within higher education.



Emily Diment

Research Fellow



Sharon Docherty BSc (Hons), PhD 

Research Associate



  Alister Du RoseAlister du Rose BSc (Hons), MChiro, PgCert, DC

Alister du Rose is a Doctoral Research Fellow who joined the team at the Institute of Musculoskeletal Research and Clinical Implementation (IMRCI) in 2012. His research is focussed on the exploration of relationships between the inter-vertebral motion and muscular activity of the lumbar spine. He holds a degree in Biology and Ecology from the University of Plymouth, and graduated from the AECC in 2009. As well as research, Alister supervises final year students as a clinical floor tutor, and he assists in the teaching of various chiropractic undergraduate modules.


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